Tobacco Industry and Ecig Flavors, the Truth

Probably the greatest analysis of e-cigarettes is that they come in a wide range of flavors that appeal to kids. The ramifications is that this is a negative ploy by the Tobacco Industry to guide kids into a long period of nicotine reliance.

Presently, I’m not a fanatic of the TI, and I stress over their passage into the e-cigarette market (which just happened long term’s prior, in case it be neglected), however MY BAR Peach Ice this thought that flavors is a ploy by them should be handled head on. In this way, we should take a gander at the brands possessed by Big Tobacco, and rundown the flavors they come in… .


Vuse – Tobacco/Menthol

English American Tobacco

Vype – (ecopure eliquid) – Rich, Classic and menthol

Intellicig – (ecopure eliquid) – Rich, Classic and menthol

Note, ecopure is in certain regards unflavored. Ethyl Maltol is utilized to give a pleasantness to the “rich” flavor, however no other tobacco flavorings are utilized


Blucig – Classic Tobacco/Menthol/Rich Tobacco/Tobacco Gold/Cherry/Vanilla/NRG (taurine)/Cinamon

Skycig – Being rebranded as Blu with similar flavors

Philip Morris/Altria:

Greensmoke – Red Label Tobacco/Mocha Mist/Smooth Chocolate/Vanilla Dreams/Tobacco Gold/Mountain Clove/Absolute Tobacco/Menthol Ice

Nicolites – Golden Tobacco/Tobacco/Menthol/Cherry

In this way, the TI’s e-cig contributions are overwhelmed by tobacco and menthol, basically an endeavored copy of their smoked tobacco contributions. Where flavors are offered, they are not the “youngster focused on” types as routinely hailed up in the media; Bubblegum, Cotton Candy, Gummy Bears, etc are essentially missing from their product offerings.

Presently, there are most likely two purposes behind the absence of flavorings from the TI’s product offerings. Right off the bat, the stock issue – the TI looks for items that can find a way into their cigarette conveyance model. Restricting the stock (and accordingly flavor contributions) is a reasonable need in such manner.

Besides, it’s obvious from overviews we’ve done on ECF, from Dr. Farsalinos’ exploration and from discussions via web-based media that engaging non-tobacco flavors are the key for some vapers to make the full change to vaping and quit smoking. The tobacco business is amped up for the chance of another income stream, yet it doesn’t wish to contend unequivocally with its demonstrated income creator – smoked tobacco.

Now one can just estimate concerning why flavors are so significant for vapers. I think three things are impacting everything:

  1. The tobacco enhanced e-cigs are in reality quite terrible. They don’t have an aftertaste like cigarettes, and they give an alternate tangible encounter that, joined with the flavor, implies e-cigarettes come up short on the replication of the smoking experience.
  2. Smokers have dulled olfactory limit. They can’t smell just as non-smokers, and as they smoke less they recover this limit. New, fascinating flavors clearly appeal to them, thus become a significant (and regular) request from e-cigs.
  3. Flavors make a “removing” impact from tobacco. They are lovely all by themselves and this factor joined with the over two are significant in that they cause smoked tobacco to appear to be more unsavory. At the end of the day, they “rebrand” tobacco as something undesirable.

I think the entirety of the proof is quite evident that seasoned vaping items are vital to vapers, particularly those that wish to make the full replacement. It is a potentially negative side-effect that a few flavors appeal to youngsters, however given the staggering proof that shows non-smoking kids are not utilizing e-cigarettes in any critical numbers this ought not eclipse the significance of proceeded with accessibility of these items to grown-up vapers.