HOTTEST Baby Names for 2011

Choosing a name for the baby is probably the most exciting and truly exasperating jobs a new parent-to-be has to face. Because there are frequently two different people choosing the name, agreeing on one or two choices is difficult. What’s worse, both parties usually change their minds several times during this process.
As well as the two primary name givers, there are usually several ‘pressure wielders’ for each of the principal name givers. (Pressure wielders could be anyone with a strong enough relationship with among the primary name givers to hold sway over them – think parents and close friends.) As you may imagine this further complicates the process.
Do you give your son or daughter a family group or traditional name, a biblical or ethnic name, a far more modern or popular name, or do you throw caution to the wind and name your son or daughter following the place you honeymooned or your favorite celebrity? Will your son or daughter live up (or down) to their name? Or are you attempting to shape and mold your child’s life with the name you chose? (A boy named Sue.)
Baby Names for Girls
The ten most popular boy names over the last 100 years have already been Charles, James, John, Joseph, Mark, Michael, Richard, Robert, Thomas, and William. Unfortunately locating the ten hottest girl name over that same time period was a lot more problematic. Girl’s names are much trendier and there are fewer clear winners. The most notable girl’s name for days gone by a century was Mary, with the name Elizabeth in a somewhat distant second.
Because of tradition, boys tend to be named after their fathers or grandfathers, which explains why there will probably continually be more name patterns among boys than girls, but even that’s changing. Baby names usually ride a wave of popularity and then dissipate never to be used again.

So without a crystal ball, nobody can truly predict the most used baby name for just about any year, but statistics do help us out. Though a few of these names can be used for both boys or girls, the most used name for this year will be: Asher, Benjamin, Braden, Elijah, Emmett, Gavin, Grayson, Hank, Isaac, Jackson, Jake, Jonah, Judah, Jude, Logan, Mason, Max, Owen, Ryder, and Rob for the boys, and Addison, Elizabeth, Ella, Faith, Hannah, Hayden, Helena, Isabelle, Isla, Kendall, Kendra, Khloe, Kourtney, Peyton, Rebekah, Riley, Rose, Ruby, Scarlett, and Taylor for girls.