Buying Used Engines For Diesel Vehicles

When shopping for a used engine for your diesel vehicle, there are many different factors that you should take into consideration. Searching for the best deal on diesels for your money can be tedious, so being a well-informed consumer is in your best interest. When purchasing your used engine you need to be sure that you are purchasing it from a reputable company that properly tests and rebuilds them. used engines

New Vs. Used

One of the main reasons that a consumer chooses to purchase a new engine instead of a used one is that the new one comes with a warranty. While used generally does not come with a warranty, the benefits to purchasing one can be to your advantage. A few of the major benefits to purchasing a used diesel are:

Price – a used engine with low hours can be considerably cheaper than a new one.

Availability – used and rebuilt motors are readily available and can be installed fairly quickly.

Risk – manufacturers build quality industrial strength engines and often the risk is very low in purchasing a used one

The broke-in factor – unlike gasoline engines, most diesels actually run better once a few thousand (or even a few hundred thousand for larger engines) have been put on them like the Duramax engine.

Warranty – many diesel engines may still include the manufacturers warranty even though they are used

Rebuilt Motors

Another option to buying a new motor is purchasing one that has been rebuilt. Rebuilt diesel engines are put through a process to make them as much like new as possible. Rebuilt engines are also put through a series of tests to prove they are capable of handling loads just as well as their newer counterparts and therefore can provide a large return on investment.

Light-duty Diesel Motors

If you are looking for a used diesel engine, your first look should be towards a Duramax. For light-duty trucks, like pick-up trucks, the Duramax diesel is one of the best on the market. Duramax diesel engines provide some of the highest torque and power on the market.

Questions to Ask

When you have found a used diesel engine, there are some questions you need to ask to insure that you are receiving a quality engine for your investment. Some questions to ask before purchasing are:

Age, Hours and Usage – find out how many hours are on the diesel engine and what was the engine was used for.

Maintenance – a well-maintained diesel engine will have a longer life

Performance – this test determines the efficiency of the used engine. How well it performs can tell you about the overall state that the diesel engine is in.

Guarantee – insist a guarantee and limited warranty for a length of at least one to three months on the used motor.

Manufacturer History – try to purchase used engines from a well-known and trusted manufacturer who is known to stand behind their products

Physical Wear – be sure to check the used engine for wear and fatigue. Check for cracks and corrosion.

Broker vs. Distributor – purchase your diesel from a reputable name that you can trust.

Purchasing used diesel engines can be a sound and cost-effective expense for you and for business. Be sure to ask the right questions and do your research to insure that you are getting the right diesel engine for your money.