Betting Tips For the New NFL Season

If you want to win in the NFL this season there is a couple of things that you should bear in mind.

First up you need to find an edge and run with it. Stick to the same system throughout the season. If you’re system starts to weaken then tweak it back into profitability instead of giving up.

Gamblers who jump from one system to another whenever they hit a dry spell are the ones that will never make it in betting. You need to find a system that has an edge and put your trust in it. Follow it through to the end and tweak it if necessary. UFABET

Second up you need to decide upon an appropriate wager or bankroll strategy. People normally go with a flat betting wager based on how much they can generally bet within a given week. So someone will bet a flat $100 per game.

What I recommend to do however is to start with a bankroll that you can afford to lose, eg. $2000. Now with this bankroll you should pick a % amount to bet depending on how much you trust your system. I recommend not going any higher that 15% and recommend 5-10% as optimum.

So with my example of $2000 bankroll and a 10% betting limit I would bet $200 on my bet. Then if the bet wins and I make a profit of $200 then my new bankroll would be $2200 and my next bet would be $220. If however my bet lost I would have a bankroll of $1800 and my next bet would be $180.