Auto Insurance – Mandatory by Law

The importance of Houston auto insurance mainly stems from the fact that is the largest city in the state of Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States of America; making is also a hugely populous city. It is a multi cultural city with people hailing from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

Houston experiences a sub tropical climate with tornadoes, thunderstorms and hurricanes being a common occurrence especially during summer and autumn. Its economy is predominately dependent on oil, energy and gas. It is closely located to oil and gas fields in other parts of Texas and Gulf of Mexico and is also home to the human space flight at NASA.

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The city of Houston comprises of many highways and is well connected by two ring roads. Although there are a number of parking slots, it can be very difficult to get free gap to park your vehicle. Traffic congestion and disorganized driving can cause a lot of accidents. pgslotauto As per the road traffic statistics of 2008 for Houston, there were 306 vehicles involved in fatal accidents out of which 100 were caused due to drunken driving. Such accidents have affected the vehicle and the lives of hundreds of pedestrians and drivers.

Considering these factors, Houston auto insurance becomes absolutely necessary to cover your vehicle in case of an accident or other damages. Car insurance can cover you from likely disasters like a road accident which can cause severe damage to your car. At times, they also cover the medical expenses for injuries caused due to road accidents. Car insurance has been made mandatory in some states. In Texas too, the law requires you to have car insurance. Hence the need for Houston auto insurance.

There are a number of insurance companies in Houston which offer different kinds of coverage. If you are not covered by insurance in Houston and you get caught, the fines can be very high and you may be charged a fee to be paid over a period of three years in order to retain your license. So, getting covered by Houston auto insurance saves you a lot of money as well.